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Matthew Ryan - It Could've Been Worse - текст песни, видео

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Matthew Ryan - It Could've Been Worse - текст песни, видео

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Where you come from
 You learn to disappear
 To cover up your fear
 With punk rock and stuff
 When you were a kid
 you listened to the clash
 you learned to never ask
 where your daddy was

 Once more around the old main drag
 they never said it but they thought 
 you were a fag
 Some people push 'til a kid goes boom
 late at night it got dark in your room

 Ah your love in a car
 you promised her every thing
 not knowing what every thing
 really was
 She's the first girl you kissed
 She's the first girl you miss
 when you're feeling like this
 broke and in the dark

 Her blonde hair was a setting sun
 her mascara was born to run
 you got scared when she started to show
 one more thing you'll have to let go

 ...It could've been worse

 So you stood on that bridge
 over looking old crappy town
 snow was falling all around
 you smoked a quick cigarette
 But i'll never believe
 that you jumped and just ended there
 The note you left read "look everywhere"
 and "you'll never bury me"

 A stereo and a pile of cassettes
 that dirty mirror where you used to get dressed
 there you stood getting tight with your scars
 some broken chords on cheap guitar

 ...It could've been worse.
Добавлено: 20.02.2014
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