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Matthew Morrison - Still Got Tonight - аккорды и текст, видео

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Matthew Morrison - Still Got Tonight - аккорды и текст, видео

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Still Got Tonight
Matthew Morrison
intro: Eb Bb Eb Ab

[ Verse 1 ]
Eb                       Bb
If you're not home, I'll sit here on your doorstep
Eb                    Ab
Button up my coat and wait
Eb                          Bb
We'll go upstairs close the curtains and we're all set
Eb                        Ab
to pick up where we left again
Eb                             Bb
There's question marks hangin' over us
   Eb                         Ab
But we won't give the time of day, oh
Eb                    Bb
'Cause all we got is these few stolen seconds
    Eb                       Ab
And we can't let them go to waste

Ab           Eb
The stars collide
We come back to life
We come back to life
Ab              Eb
The sparks will fly
One look in your eyes
My heart's open wide
 Ab            Eb
I know time's running out now
Bb                           Ab
But we'll hold back the sun somehow
See the sky?
We've still got tonight
We've still got tonight


[Verse 2]
Come 9am
I'm packing every suitcase
Leave you in your bed so warm
I'll do my best not to wake you but it's useless
Can't tiptoe 'round this no more, oh
It's gonna get 1stchords much harder
Before it gets better baby and that's for sure, mmm
Just say you'll wait for my footsteps on the staircase
And I will walk back through this door

[Repeat Chorus]

Ab            Eb
So keep your eyes open
There's no time to close them
Just hold on
So tight now
We still got tonight
(We've still got tonight)
(We've still got tonight)

Eb Bb Eb Ab

Eb                Bb
If all we got is these few stolen seconds
Eb                     Ab
We can't let em go to waste

[Repeat Chorus]

Any correction would be appreciated :)
Добавлено: 28.05.2012
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