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Matthew Connor - Farewell Motel - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Matthew Connor - Farewell Motel - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Farewell Motel
Matthew Connor
Farewell Motel by Matthew Connor
From his debut album, Farewell Motel
Tabbed by Norman

 C#                        F#       C#
   I know a place where the lovers go
   We went there once not long ago
        Bbm                  F#             Ab
   And now you're gone I'll go there once again

   I'll say farewell to our little motel
                    Ebm   Ab                C#
   It was just one night... and we slept like hell
                                     Bbm                              Ebm
   Though I swear I'd never seen you look at me the way that you did then
                Ab               C#    C#7
   And now I'll never see you again

           F#      Ab                        C#
   Over there is where you tossed that old umbrella
            F#        Ab                 C#   Bbm
   As you shook the raindrops from your hair
                Ebm                   Ab       Bbm
   There's the sink where you took a drink of water
        Fm                F#      Ab            C#
   And laughing, you collapsed into that very chair

   I could close my eyes and cross the room and never stumble
            Ab                                 C#   C#7
   I could close my eyes and swear I felt you there
          F#         Ab              Bbm
   Over there is the corner where I kissed you
            Fm                F#                 Ab          C#
   How I've missed you, and tonight you look as lovely as a prayer

              Ab             Ab      
   It's too much, it's too much
    Bbm           A              
   I'm doing it again
                C#               Ab
   You're not here, you're not here
   And you haven't been

   One more night in the farewell motel alone
               Ab             C#    F#m   C#
   And in the morning I'll go home, home, home

  C#                F#m               C#
   Darling, I would go to such great lengths
             C#                 F#m              C#
   To once again smell your shampoo upon these sheets
Добавлено: 18.12.2015
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