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Matt Fishel - Seventeen Again - аккорды и текст, видео

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Matt Fishel - Seventeen Again - аккорды и текст, видео

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Seventeen Again
Matt Fishel
Matt Fishel - Seventeen again

G  C  G  C

Verse 1:

G                          C
  I heard that you skipped school today
G                                 C
  And you know that's against the rules
G                          C
  They told me you've been smoking in the park again
G                           C
  And you know it's bad for you
Dm                                  Bm
  Don't be ashamed, I'm not judging you
Bm                                   F
But we need to find a way to get you through
F                     C
You should know I empathize
C                             Bm
You gotta rebel and break the rules sometimes
Bm            D
But you gotta pick your fights


G             ( F )  ( Gm )          Em
You feel you're on your own but I've been there before
Em              Bm
Everything will change
Bm                          F            ( A )
Though right now it may not feel that way
D                            E
When I see the anger in your eyes
E                      Am
It feels like I'm seventeen again
      G          F
(Feel seventeen again)

Verse 2:

G         C
  So your parents don't get on anymore
G                        C
  And your dad is moving house
G                          C
  But all this weed you're smoking isn't good for you
G                               C
  You cash supply will soon run out
Dm                                 Bm
  So go get stoned, but don't drop out
Bm                                 F
You know that's not what life's about
F                         C
You still got your self esteem
C                                Bm
It breaks my heart to see such a confident boy
Waste away like this


G          ( F )   ( Gm )      Em
You're never on your own, I'll be there for you
Em                Bm
I can help things change
Bm              F         ( A )
But only if you let me in
D                      E
I wanna be a friend to you
E                   Am
But I can't be seventeen again
    G          F
(be seventeen again)


C  Am  F  C G


D                              Bm
  Well I can see the tell-tale signs
Bm                             G
There's something else on your mind
See I know that expression
D                           Bm
  A stirring feeling deep inside
Bm                                             Em
Your friends don't get it and your family will fight
( G )      A
   To keep it well hidden
             F        C
But it's all plain to me
         D        A
It's all clear to you
            E       B    D
Follow this feeling through

Verse 3:

G                       C
  Tell this guy how you feel
G                                  C
  The one you can't stop dreaming about 
G                             C
  Just have a good time and experiment for a while
G                                     C
  How will you know if you never find out?
Dm                        Bm
  What the hell you gonna lose?
Bm                               F
What's his friendship worth to you?
F                      C
Can you see him every day 
C                       Bm
And know that you never took it anywhere?
He might feel the same way


G          ( Gm )               Em
And yes it's normal if it feels real inside
Em       Bm
This new freedom
Bm                F         ( A )
Can make you feel whole again
D                   ( F )  E
But if you don't open your eyes
E                       Am
You'll be stuck at seventeen again
    G                F
For the rest of your life

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