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Matchbox Twenty - The Difference - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Matchbox Twenty - The Difference - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Difference
Matchbox Twenty
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The chords used are: G(320003), G*(320033), C(x32010), C9(x32033), D(xxx232)

Intro: G,C,G,C,G,D,G

Verse 1:
(Strum each chord once)
G                   C     G           C     G                 D
Slow dancing on the boule-vard in the quiet moments while the city's 

G           G                          C      G           C     G
still dark.  Sleepwalking throught the summer rain in the tired spaces 

D        G
you could hear her name.  

(Strum with rythm)
             C9                      Em                       D           
When she was warm and tender and you held her arms around you there was nothing 

        G*                         C9                      Em
but her love and affection she was crazy for you now she's part of something 

that you lost.

        G*      C9    Em  D     G*         C9   Em D       G*         C9
And for all you know            This could be          The difference between 

D        G*       Em               C9       Em               G
what you need and what you want to be, girl what you want to be.


Verse 2: (Single strum)
G                     C       G            C     G            D          G
Night swimming in her diamond dress making small circles move across the sufrace

G                       C      G            C    G        D       G
Stand watching from the steady shore laying wide open and waiting for

(strum w/ rythm)
          C9                          Em                  D                    
something warm and tender while she's moving further from you there was nothing 

           G*                   C9                  Em      
that could make it easy on you. Every step you take reminds you that she's 

walking on.


      G*       C9         D  G*       C9        D      G*            C9
Every word you never said       echos down your empty hallway. Everything that

D        G*    D           C9
was your world   just came down.

Verse 3:
(single strum)
G                   C     G             C   G               D          G
Day breaking on the boule-vard feel the sun warming up your secondhand heart.

G                    C           G            D                  C
Light swimming right across your face and you maybe someday yeah maybe someday.

REPEAT CHOURS a few times and your done.
Добавлено: 19.04.2012
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