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Mastedon - It Is Done - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mastedon - It Is Done - аккорды и текст, видео

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It Is Done
                         IT IS DONE by Mastedon
                         Tabbed by : Tim Berg

NOTE : Song can be played with a capo on the first fret.  I prefer not to,
and have written out the chords accordingly.  However, if you decide to use
a capo, I have arranged the new chord positions in the following chart :

Chords :
          w/o capo           w/ capo
Fm        133111             022000
Db7M      134111             032000
Eb        x65343             xx0323
Eb (II)   x6534x             xx032x
Bbm       x13321             x02210
Cm        x35543             x24432
Ab        466544             320033
Db        x43121             x32010
Gm        355333             244222
Dm        x57765             (same)
Bb11      x1111x             x0000x 

Intro : Fm | Db7M   | Eb | Bbm | Fm | Db7M   | Eb | Eb (II)

Verse 1
       Gm                                            Dm
In the midst of the stormy winters night when you're out in the cold
           Eb          Cm
Who do you turn to, to make you feel warm?
            Gm                                       Dm
When you've done everything that you can do and it's still not enough
            Eb          Cm                      
Who's gonna be there to save you from the fall?
Fm            Db7M                   Eb           Bbm
Listen to His still small voice that calls from inside...
        Fm              Db7M            Eb        Bbm
It will lead you to the Truth that only He can provide
        Fm                     Db7M          Eb          Bbm
Let the weight of the world be lifted by the love He has shown...
          Fm           Db7M            Eb           Eb (II)
For it is finished, no longer will our lives be our own

Chorus :
      Eb             Bbm
It is done, it was a Miracle of Love...
      Eb          Bbm         Fm
It is done, given to us from above
       Ab          Eb               Bbm     Eb
'Cause life has no meaning if we're living apart
Ab         Eb            Bbm         Fm              Eb
He came to carry all the cares of my heart ... it is done

Verse 2

When the world has a way of making us feel lost and alone
who do you turn to, to make you feel strong?
And when the path that you have chosen seems to lead us astray
who's gonna guide you back, back to where you belong?

And don't try to win what's already been won
Because your life had been redeemed before it ever begun
Lay down your life, let the old man die...
You can't do it on your own, so don't even try


Bridge chords :

Eb | Db | Ab |
Eb | Db | Ab | Eb  (vocal 'it is done' during last part of measure)
Eb | Db | Ab | Ab
Bbm | Db | Eb | Bb11 | Eb (Eb starts the chorus)

Добавлено: 08.11.2013
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