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Mary J Blige - Ooh - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Mary J Blige - Ooh - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Mary J Blige
Intro: Cm
In the middle of the night
Ya hold me tight
Say it's alright
I'm your forever
I'll do what you wan't
If you don't hurt me
I'll cook and clean
I'll make yah app[y
Cm          Gm      Cm
Ooh, what you do to me
Cm              Gm    Cm
Ooh, you're my everything
            Cm       Gm      Cm
And ooh, I'm so glad I found you
            Cm        Gm      Cm
Ooh, I can't live without you
Got in my bones
And it's all for you, babe
Can't leave you alone
I'm so addicted
It's the sweetest pain
So who's you girl
You better sing my name
(Repeat Chorus)
What you do to me
Is just a mystery
It's hard to believe
That you are here with me
Making all my dreams
A sweet all my dreams
A sweet reality
All m life I've tried
To find what's best for me
(Repeat Chorus 3x)
(Repeat last stanza)
(Repeat Chorus)

Title: Ooh
Artist: Mary J. Blige

     Mga tol madali lang to . . . 
madali lang naman ang pag strum
Meron kasi akong CD na to kaya pag nakikinig 
ako eh sinsabayan ko
Sa pagtugtod  . . . 
just wanna say hi to my Batch at Holy Cross 
Lagangilang ung mga asteeg na mga tol at mga mhal  . . .
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Добавлено: 27.03.2012
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