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Martyn Joseph - Reminded Of Heaven - аккорды и текст, видео

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Martyn Joseph - Reminded Of Heaven - аккорды и текст, видео

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Reminded Of Heaven
Martyn Joseph
		   From Mon Sep 11 09:19:01 1995

Reminded of Heaven ( Martyn Joseph )

G                              Em7
Before you saw me I heard your heart beat
G                 Em7
In th river of my soul
G                 Em7     C              Em7
Planted there by another, I  watched you grow.
G                  Em7
Winds that blew my thoughts down
G              Em7
Loneley emty streets
G                 Em7
I observed their strenght has gone
      C        Em7     C - Em7
Since you came along
D                        E
Pursuing things that I dreamed of,
D9            A
Empty loaded guns,
C                G        C                D    
Raping life of loving and love of Heaven  (oh oh )

     G                 C          D
For a moment in the twinkle of an eye
G      C              D
Well I found what I looked for.
             G            C         D
Through it's gone I look back and I cry
 G      C       D
I'm reminded of Heaven ( 2x)

G                      Em7
Sometimes it gets so lonely
G                 Em7
Love is a distant theme
G                 Em7
Hope becomes a stranger
C                Em7
And I'm left to scheme
G               Em7
I bend my head low
G             Em7
To kiss your face
G               Em7
And somehow the pain  subsides
C       Em7
Peace remains
 D                      C
Though the night isn't over

D9                  A
There's one thing I know
C                   G
You bring back the love of
C                D
Love of Heaven  ( oh oh )


Em7                 D                 C
Love is a reason I cry, cry out your name,
Again and Again
Добавлено: 06.06.2013
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