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Marty Robbins - Tonight Carmen - аккорды и текст, видео

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Marty Robbins - Tonight Carmen - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tonight Carmen
Marty Robbins
Tonight Carmen - Marty Robbins
Composer: M. Robbins
Reached #1 on the country chart in 1967



G                      G7 C 
Carmen  Carmen  Car-m -e -en  

Tonight I am aching my body is shaking  
C                            G 
Tonight Carmen's coming back home  
Tonight there'll be no room for tears in my bedroom  
  G7                         C         
Tonight Carmen's coming back home  
Tonight as I stand here I notice my hand here  
       C7               F  
Is trembling as never before  
F                          C 
My feelings I can't hide resistance has all died  
   G                                      G7                C 
My pride will rush outside the moment she walks through the door 

The lips that have kissed her that's loved her and missed her  
C                                G
Are lips that have cursed her at night
In anguish and torment I've cursed as the night went  
G7                               C 
From darkness till dawn's golden light  
I've thought of just taking these two hands and breaking  
         C7             F
The body I'm waiting to touch
F                                C  
I find while I'm waiting there's no time for hating
      G                      G7             C
While anticipating the woman I've wanted so much   

I've placed pretty flowers to brighten the hours  
C#                               G# 
I've put brand new sheets on the bed  
I'm nervous I'm trembling recalling remembering  
    G#7                     C# 
The way that she tosses her head  
I've given much thought to the fact that I ought to  
     C#7                  F# 
Have more control over my life  
F#                     C#
How can I fight it how can I deny it  
        G#                                G#7         C#                               
There's no way to hide it the love that I have for my wife  

G#                   G#7 C#
Carmen  Carmen Car-m-e - en 
Добавлено: 30.03.2016
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