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Marty Robbins - Ive Got No Use For The Women - аккорды и текст, видео

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Marty Robbins - Ive Got No Use For The Women - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ive Got No Use For The Women
Marty Robbins
I've Got No Use For The Women:Marty Robbins.
Album - More Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs - 
#21 on BB Hot Country on COLUMBIA Records in

INTRO: Ab Eb Bb Eb

Cm   Eb         Ab      Eb                    Ab
I've got no use for the women, a true one may seldom 
be found.
        Ab                Eb
They'll use a man for his money, when it's gone they'll 
turn him down.
        Eb        Ab     Eb      Ab 
They're all alike at the bottom, selfish and grasping 
for all.
        Ab            Eb                     Bb
They'll stay by a man when he's winning, and laugh in 
his face when he falls.

              Ab           Eb       Ab
My pal was an honest young puncher, honest and upright 
and true.
       Ab                       Eb
Til he turned to a gun shooting gambler on account of a 
girl named Lou.
Cm   Eb           Ab      Eb           Ab
They fell in with evil companions, the kind they are 
better off dead.
       Ab                   Eb          Bb
When a gambler insulted her picture, he filled him full 
of lead.

                Ab              Eb                   Ab
All through the long night they trailed him, through mesquite 
and thick chaparral.
  Ab                          Eb                            Bb        
I couldn't help think of that woman, as I saw him pitch and fall.
Bb Eb             Ab           Eb              Ab
If she'd been the pal that she should have, he might have been 
raising a son.
  Ab                        Eb          Bb                Eb
Instead of out there on the prairie, to die by a Ranger's gun.

              Ab            Eb           Ab
Death's sharp sting did not trouble, his chances for life were 
too slim.
                Ab          Eb                        Bb
Where they were putting his body was all that worried him.
   Eb         Ab          Eb         Ab
He lifted his head on his elbow, the blood from his wound 
flowed red.
   Ab                            Eb            Bb
He gazed at his friends gathered round him, he looked up at 
them and he said.

        Ab         Eb                 Ab
Bury me out on the prairie, where the coyotes can howl o'er 
my grave.
Ab                 Eb                                     Bb
Bury me out on the prairie, but from them my bones please save.
Eb      Ab      Eb       Ab                  Eb
Wrap me up in a blanket, bury me deep in the ground.
Ab                 Eb          Bb              Eb
Cover me over with boulders of granite big and round.

              Ab         Eb                 Ab
We buried him out on the prairie, where the coyotes can howl 
o'er his grave.
    Ab            Eb                              Bb
His soul is now a-resting from the unkind cut she gave.
Cm  Eb           Ab    Eb             Ab
And many another young puncher, as he rides past the pile 
of stones.
  Ab                 Eb         Bb                       Eb
Recalls some similar woman, and thinks of his mouldering bones.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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