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Marty Robbins - I ll go on Alone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Marty Robbins - I ll go on Alone - аккорды и текст, видео

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I ll go on Alone
Marty Robbins
I'll go on alone -  Marty Robbins

Composer:  Robbins
Label: columbia
Original key : Eb

Marty Robbins first record and first #1 country hit in 1952

Capo III


C  G7  C

C                        C7                  F                Dm7
We're travelin' down two diff'rent roads in  worlds so far a- part
Dm7   G                                    G7              C  
You   want me yet there's somethin' else before me in your heart                 
C                    C7                 F                 Dm7
You're wantin' me to change my life the way you're livin' yours
Dm7   G                                G7           C  
But   I can't change, I see no way you wanted me be-fore

C                    C7             F                  Dm7
If you don't want me like I am then please don't pity  me
Dm7   G                                  G7             C
If    you can't change a little bit then why not set me free
C                   C7                F               Dm7
If we can't live together, then it's  best we live a- part
Dm7   G                                  G7                  C  
You   go your way and I'll go mine we'll both make brand new starts.

Instrumental (same structure as verse):

C  C7   F  Dm7
G    G7  C 
C  C7  F   Dm7
G   G7  C

C                      C7                F         Dm7
There's nothing we can do it seems we'll never get along
Dm7   G                             G7            C  
With  you believin' like you do you say I live so wrong
C                     C7                F                Dm7
But I can't change my way of life I've lived it much too long
Dm7    G                           G7          C  
You'll either take me like I am or I'll go on alone.

C                  C7              F                Dm7
So, either say you want my love or take the way you live
Dm7   G                                   G7             C
Re -  member though before you get you've gotta learn to give
C                    C7               F             Dm7
So, if its change my life or go, then go it's gonna be
Dm7    G                                     G7                  C 
'Cause I can't change my life, when you Want somethin' more than me.
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