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Marty Robbins - Cowboy In The Continental Suit - аккорды и текст, видео

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Marty Robbins - Cowboy In The Continental Suit - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cowboy In The Continental Suit
Marty Robbins
The Cowboy In The Continental Suit - Marty Robbins
Composer: M. Robbins
Label: CBS

Released as a single it reached #3 on the country chart in 1964
Play the D, Bm and F#m with a barre at the second and the A7 in 
the 5th position. Its then a simple slide of 1 fret up for each
key change.. 



D                                  A7                D
Well he walks out in the arena all dressed up to the brim
D                   Bm          A7
Said he'd just came down from a place called Highland Rim
        D               F#m                G                    D
Well he said he came to ride the horse the one they called "The Brute"
D                                       A7          D
But he didn't look like a cowboy in his Continental Suit

D                                         A7           D
We snickered at the way he dressed but he never said a word
D                  Bm            A7
He walks on by the rest of us as if he hadn't heard
  D                   F#m                   G                D
A thousand bucks went to the man that could ride this wild Cayuse
D                                      A7                   D
A meaner horse was never born than the one they called "The Brute"

D                                     A7              D
The horse that he was looking for was in chute number eight
D                 Bm             A7
He walked up very slowly put his hand upon the gate
   D             F#m                  G                D
We knew he was a thoroughbred when he pulled a sack of Dukes
D                             A7          D
From the inside pocket of his Continental Suit

 D Eb

Eb                                 Bb7             Eb
He rolled himself a quirley and he lit it standing there
Eb                Cm                Bb7
He blew himself a smoke ring and he watched it disappear
   Eb                 Gm            Ab            Eb
We thought he must be crazy when he opened up the gate
Eb                               Bb7                   Eb
Standing just inside was fifteen hundred pounds of the hate

Eb                                         Bb7              Eb
The buckskin tried to run him down but the stranger was too quick
Eb                   Cm             Bb7
He stepped aside and threw his arms around the horse's neck
       Eb              Gm                  Ab                     Eb
And he pulled himself upon the back of the horse they called "The Brute"
Eb                                Bb7         Eb
Sat like he was born there in his continental suit

Eb                                        Bb7              Eb
"The Brute's" hind end was in the air his front end on the ground
Eb            Cm                  Bb7
Kicking and a-squealing trying to shake the stranger down 
         Eb             Gm               Ab                Eb
But the stranger didn't give an inch, he came to ride "The Brute"
Eb                                    Bb7         Eb
And he came to ride the buckskin in a Continental Suit

Eb E 

E                                       B7              E
Well I turned around to look at Jim and he was watching me 
E               C#m                B7
He said I don't believe the crazy things I think I see
      E               G#m        A                  E
But I think I see the outlaw the one they call "The Brute"
E                       B7          E
Ridden by a cowboy in a Continental Suit

E                                  B7                  E
"The Brute" came to a standstill ashamed that he'd bin rode 
E         C#m            B7
By a city cowboy in some continental clothes
    E                 G#m          A                   E
The stranger took his money and we don't know where he went
E                                       B7               E
We don't know where he came from and we haven't seen him since

E                             B7                E
The moral of the story never judge by what they wear 
E               C#m                  B7
Underneath some ragged clothes could be a millionaire
E         G#m              A                E
Everybody listen  don't be fooled by this galoot
E                                 B7          E
The sure enough bronc buster in a Continental Suit
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