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Mark Taylor - Ballad Of Darcy Robertson - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mark Taylor - Ballad Of Darcy Robertson - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ballad Of Darcy Robertson
Mark Taylor
Song: Ballad of Darcy Robertson
and arranged by: Mark Taylor
Lyrics: Darcy Robertson
CD: Be Aware Of The Afraid...
Track Number: 03

To listen to track go to:

Harmonica: Key of G

Em			  C
The sun was setting low, the moon was rising high

D                       Em
I had some beer because my mouth was very dry.

Em                             C                     
G I went and bought some buds that were a little wet

D                     Em
But if I add tobacco, it'll burn I bet.

I went and bummed a cigarette and smoked it without thinking.
This never would have happened, if I'd not been drinking.
I finished off my bottle, then I packed them in the bowl.
The buds they were too sticky and I couldn't get a coal.
I finally smoked my doobie and I drank up all my gin.
The night grew deathly quiet and the world began to spin.

My visions got awfully blurry and I was thinking I couldn't win,
But wait a second what is this, my mushrooms are kicking in.

The night was no longer quiet and the fire went orange to blue.
I danced around the party and the trees began to move.
Three hours I was on the ground, is where I happily stayed.
My mushroom buzz was dying, but I was still in a druken haze.

I smoked another doobie and I finished off my case.
I wandered off to bed and just stared off into space.
I woke up in the morning, lying face down in a ditch.
All my friends had left me and boy was I in a bitch.

Добавлено: 20.11.2013
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