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Mark Robin - Souls Desire - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mark Robin - Souls Desire - аккорды и текст, видео

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Souls Desire
Mark Robin
These chords are from

C  Em7  Am7  C/G  F  G  C  G

Verse 1:
G         C             Em7     Am7
You are my soul's desire, I was wandering,
I was wandering,
                F               G           C  G
Wandering all my days from my Father's house
                C             Em        Am
From the heights to the depths Love was calling
Love was calling
                  F             G     C
Calling out to me, just to bring me home.

F/C             G/C                F/C
Lord of the earth, the sea, the sky,
In glory and power
F          G                     F/A
How can it be that I'm Your child
And You are my Father
     C   G        Am              F
So I, oh I, I will exalt Your name again
Most High
         G  C
Every way I can.

Verse 2:
You put songs in my mouth, I am praising,
I am praising
Praising only You, for the things You've done
There's a flag in my hand and I am waving,
I am waving
Waving it for You, just to make You smile.
And in the morning find the stone was rolled away

Chorus 2:
Many will see and hear and trust,
In You our salvation
Many will turn and seek Your face,
From out of all nations
So I, oh I, I will exalt Your name again
Most High
Every way I can. 

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-Romans 10:9-10;13
Добавлено: 30.04.2015
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