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Mark Kozolek - You Aint Got A Hold On Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mark Kozolek - You Aint Got A Hold On Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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You Aint Got A Hold On Me
Mark Kozolek
"You Ain't Got a Hold on Me" by Mark Kozelek
Off the album _Rock_and_Roll_Singer_
Transcribed by Brandon Hall, November 5, 2000
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circumvent spam control)

This transcription is all my own work.

Musically speaking, the verse/chorus division in this song
is a little murky, but it's clear enough in the lyrics.
There are three major chord progressions (which I've labeled
I, II and III).  The strum pattern per quarter note is
constant throughout, and goes like B-d--udu (where 'B' means
to downpick the bass note).

 E     C#m7  | E    C#m7  | G6     G6/F# | E       |
 E     C#m7  | E    C#m7  | E5/D   E5/C# | E       |

 A7M         | E/G#       | E5/C#' E5/B  | A7M     | (x2) 

 E5/C#' E5/B | A7M        | E5/C#' E5/B  | A7M     |

 Intro: (I)
 Verse: (I) (II)
Chorus: (II)
Ending: (III)

The song runs: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Ending.
The lyrics (written by AC/DC) are all over the net, so I
won't post them here.

Chord fingerings (using 6-string standard tuning EADGBE):

0x9990  9x9990  3x0400  2x0400  x5x400  x4x400
  E      C#m7     G6     G6/F#   E5/D    E5/C#

x07990  4x2450  x42400  x22400
 A7M     E/G#   E5/C#'   E5/B

I'm very confident of the accuracy of all the chords in I &
III.  For the E/G#, I'd really like to be doing 4x7990 (it
matches the A7M   better), but I don't see how anyone could
finger that.  The E/G# I've posted sounds real clean as a
substitute, but if you find it too difficult to finger
quickly, you can try 4x2400 or even 4xx454.  On the E5/C#'
and E5/B chords, I find it easier to barre the second fret
with the first segment of my index finger (similar to the
way I play an ordinary A major chord).

(At the time of this writing, the album was located at*MARK/itemid=1218104

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