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Mark Dinning - Another Lonely Girl - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mark Dinning - Another Lonely Girl - аккорды и текст, видео

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Another Lonely Girl
Mark Dinning
Another Lonely Girl:Mark Dinning.
DNC On MGM Records in 1961.
(A Melson/Orbison song.)

A                     Gbm            D
Each time I hear some poor girl cry, see the 
tears in her eyes.
A         Bm     A  Gbm      D    Bm
It always breaks my heart in two, when there's 
F       D E   A   Dbm          Gbm      D
nothing I can do, oooo-ooo-ooo-ooo, for her.
E                         A    Gbm
She's just another lonely girl.

A          E         Gbm        A
If I could take them one by one and teach them 
how to have lots of fun.
A                 D             Db  E
Make them fall in love with me, mmm-mmm, there'd 
      A                        Gbm     A
never be another lonely girl..(wah-ooo-aahh)..
        Gbm    A     Gbm     A                    D
another lonely girl (wah-ooo-aahh) another lonely girl,
E                       A          D      A
mmm-hmmm, there'd never be another lonely girl.

                        Gb                  D
Now, it's not fair that they should cry and be 
so all alone.
A                      Gbm       E     D        
Love should treat them tenderly, never treat them 
A       Gbm
     D   E                           A    Gbm
Ooh, no, there shouldn't be a lonely girl.

     A                      Gbm           A
Now, I know how it feels to love someone, I know how it 
feels to part.
    A                         D                 E
So, if some lonely girl gives me her love, I'll never 
Bm        A
break her heart.

A            Gbm        D   E                        A
Ohhhh-ooooh, heart, oh, no, she'll never be a lonely girl.
        Gbm          A                     Gbm
Another lonely girl (wah-ooo-aahh) another lonely girl.
 A                     D            E
(wah-ooo-aahh) another lonely girl..mmmm-hmmmm..she'll
      A    D      A
never be a lonely girl.
       E             Gbm              D           E
Whoaaa-whoaaa-whoaaa-whoaaa shouldn't be a lonely girl.
A               Gbm

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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