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Marie Digby - Girlfriend - аккорды и текст, видео

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Marie Digby - Girlfriend - аккорды и текст, видео

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Marie Digby
hey eveyone! this is Dena. this is my first time uploading the chords up here, and my 
time figuring out the chords myself.i'll be appreciated if u guys like it!
marie is a talented singer/song writer/musician, its just really cool to sing it along!

Girlfriend by Marie Digby

G         D
You wear, your hair
A              Bm
Like it's your best accessory
G           D
And I don't want to
A            Bm
Ever have to compete with that
G       D
I know, you'd be
A             Bm
Nothing but excessively sweet
G           D           A
Cherish me, sing to me, love me

    C     G        D
But I can't belong
To anybody else right now
          G                 D
Though it is not much of an excuse
I can't belong
To anybody else when I've got
So much figuring out to do

                    C     G      D
I don't want to be a girlfriend
                          C  G         D
I don't want to talk about my feelings yea
                     C     G       D
I don't wanna be some girlfriend
                      C         G
I don't wanna have to explain
What I'm thinking

(same as verse 1)
I go, alone
To watch stupid romance movies
And I sit, wishing
It was your arms wrapped around me and
I just deny
That all I want is a piece of you
But I guess it's true
Don't want to talk on the phone
Don't want attachments, don't wanna
Be your girlfriend..


D               C                 Em
Is it wrong for me to want you
Just for a day?
D               C                Em
I don't want to be that kind of girl
But I can't help myself

Добавлено: 20.06.2012
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