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Margaret Becker - All I Ever Wanted - аккорды и текст, видео

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Margaret Becker - All I Ever Wanted - аккорды и текст, видео

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All I Ever Wanted
Margaret Becker
		   All I Ever Wanted
Margaret Becker

  D	     /C#        /B         /A
[ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ]
      D	     	       /C#	   /B		        /A
From where I lay I can see the sun rising through the trees
   G		   D/F#		   G		   A
Before I face this morning rush I get down on my knees
   D		      /C#		 /B		      /A
I lift my eyes and I thank You for this life you've granted me
   G		  D/F#	       G		  A
I pray that every day I live, Your heart will be pleased

	   Bm2sus     Bm		 Bm2sus	    Bm
I pray for hands that hold You higher than anything else
      Bm2sus	  Bm     /A G		     A
And a heart that loves You more than life itself
		     G7M    D		          G7M   D
This is all I've ever wanted, this is all I want to be
	     G7M    D	    	     G
All I've ever wanted is to love You faithfully

  D   /C#    /B
[ / / / / ][ / / / / ]

From where I stand I can see the dreams that You have fulfilled
Such kindness I did not deserve, but You gave it still
What do I have that You did not give, there's nothing that I can see
G all I have to give to You is what You've given me

  D   /C#    /B  /A
[ / / / / ][ / / / / ]
G			A
I know I don't have the power to love You like I should
But every day with everything I have I wish I could
G			A
I'm standing here now, these words I pray
Bm7			 A/C#	         G  G/A
I wanna love You better whatever it takes

  D   /C#    /B         D
[ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ]

Words and music by Margaret Becker
©1990 His Eye Music (A div. of the Sparrow Corp.) (SESAC) 
Добавлено: 06.07.2013
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