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Manic Street Preachers - The Guerilla Tapestry - текст песни, видео

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Manic Street Preachers - The Guerilla Tapestry - текст песни, видео

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We are notdeceived by your words
We see through your promises 
We sanctify your lies 
We are the disaffected 
the isolated wounds of subtle napalm; 
Shopping doesn't make us happy 
commercials cull our sensitivity 
freedom is nothing without responsibility 
and in the rain drenched tarpaulins of market traders 
lies the epitomy of belief 
clinging to our pennies on entrance on exit 
memory or dream 
this hole in my throat this gap in the ink 
this place without meaning 
this stuttering eloquence of screaming; 
Save, save us all 
allow desolations 
find a path, be unafraid to act hold life 
stand stand oak tall 
even the smallest body makes a shadow - 
in the hanging out the wash 
in the protest of discipline 
tiny hands scraping solitudes clinging to moments creating 
miracles from everyday routines 
in the dignity of ironing 
the anxiety of mortgages 
the the 
sentence of being but still still still the being 
we are butterflies trapped in the frost 
victory is acknowledging the fact that we, we have not yet lost. 

so carress me with your alienation 
alienate me with your carress create me with your credit 
pour me power through direct debit 
feed me freedom from selling shares 
and paint me a symbol and tell me I'm free; 
we are 
we are the guerilla tapestry 
in the silence of insurance payments 
council tax benefits 
industrial tribunals 
the penny pinchers the super savers 
the lottery watchers 
we are 
the incoherent throats searching for sound 
the peaceful protestor 
the single mother 
the social worker at the homeless shelter 
We are the happy shoppers 
the credit cravers 
the sales offers 
the poundstretchers 
the breaking fabric of modernity 
stitched only by our solitude 
we are the temporary fragments of a capitalist master plan; 
unemployment statistics 
family credit beggars 
no collar coolies 
part time slaves 
sucking severances 
praying for meaning 
not this lipless screaming 

and in these motives that purify in these acts that dignify 
in this tiny gesture of defiance 
is an articulation of a void 
a vision versed in lament 
this hate this hate 
is born from love; 
We are the undying 
the breath of chlorophyll over the concrete 
the soul against the gold 
we are loneliness burned iron fists fuelled by injustice 
We are the denied 
yet unified 
we are the tapestry, the crackling cracks of modernity 
dislocated desperations stitched together 
by the disparate verses of our skin; 
I write therefore we exist 
we exist therefore I write 
and from this page this scream 
this no 
from the supermarket to the dole 
from the youth centre to the old peoples' home 
is the sound the silence 
of the sound of the alone 
to the alone 
the sound of the ability to resist; 

And in this ink there is the blood of a thousand miners 
and in this ink the eyes of 500 doctors 
the struggle of my father 
the sensitivity of my mother 
and the hand of my baby; 
and in this prison cell there is a skied sunlight 
and in these words the power they tried to deny us, 
the stab of a killer 
the tourniquet of a nurse 
and in this ink is 
is many 
is you and I 
and in this voice 
the milk of a mother 
against against against 
their chains to smother 
mother to man to woman to child 
the guerrilla tapestry 
spread nationwide; 
And in the division 
there is a unity 
and in this incision 
there is a sanctity 
and in this pale silent page 
blisters a cacophony enraged 
with the burn of generations following the bullet of emancipation
we are we are the threads 
we are we are the severances 
we are we are the stitches 
we are we are a no in search of a yes 
we are we are the breaking 
we are we are the making 
the blind beginning to see 
we are we are we are the guerilla tapestry
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