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Mandolin Orange - That Wrecking Ball - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mandolin Orange - That Wrecking Ball - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
That Wrecking Ball
Mandolin Orange
Mandolin Orange - That Wrecking Ball

A few notes about this song: 
The 'G' is actually a Dsus4/Gsus2 but becomes a G at the end of the walk-down. The Dadd9 and D/F# are 
fairly interchangeable, but the D/F# is only played at the very beginning and the end. The Em can be an Em7 
if you wish. Dadd9 can also be played as Dsus4/F#. You may also lift your 3rd and 4th fingers off during the 
C/G for a beat between verses, making it an Am7. There are walk-downs from G to C/G and from Em to G which 
are played every time this transition occurs and are as follows:

Gsus2(G) into C/G                       Em[7] into Gsus2(G)
-3---------0------------                -(3)--------3------------------------
-3---------1------------                -(3)--------3------------------------
-0---------0------------                --0---------0------------------------
-0---------2------------                --2---------0------------------------
-0--0--2---3------------                --2---0--0--0------------------------
-3---------3------------                --0---0--2--3------------------------

You should still be strumming through the full chords during these transitions, but those are the notes you
should be hitting along the way. I recommend watching this video if you don't understand what is happening 
here: Feel free to ignore these and play the basic chords.
I will add chord charts for the less common chords at the bottom of this page.

Capo 5

C/G  D/F#  G  C/G  Em  G  C/G

C/G                   D/F#
I've taken to leanin' these past few days
G                        C/G
A little too heavy on my walking cane
Em             G
And I'm afraid she's swingin' my way
That wrecking ball

(Am7 - every verse)

C/G             Dadd9
Now with all my ducks in a row
G               C/G
With one pull I could let her go
Em            G         
Not to lose, just to show 
I'd catch em all

C/G                      Dadd9   
Every man bears a burden, his own beast by the horns
G                            C/G
That he hides from the world when hes young and strong
Em                          G
Looking over his shoulders, half tethered and torn
Still standing tall

C/G                      Dadd9
And every year rolls on like a runaway train
G                           C/G
Every beast grows stronger as the pendulum swings
Em          G   
To and fro, gone she goes
That wrecking ball

C/G  Dadd9  G  C/G  Em  G  C/G
C/G  Dadd9add11/A  G   C/G  Em  G  C/G

C/G                 Dadd9
I've just seen that rock of ages
G                      Cadd9
I just held my saviors hand
Em                      G
We danced on the water, my head on her shoulders
She swore to never let me fall

C/G                Dadd9
And wouldn't time seem so kindly
G                    C/G
If every bright eyed girl could be
Em              G
More like you, and shelter me
C/G                     Am
From that wrecking ball
Am              D/F#
That wrecking ball

C/G  Dadd9add11/A  G  C/G  Em  G  C/G

Slow it down a bit at the end and let the C/G ring out. Hopefully this wasn't too confusing. I transcribed 
the lyrics myself, so they may be a little off in some places. Here are the chord charts:

Dadd9(Dsus4/F#)         Dadd9add11/A
--0(3)---------         --0-------------
--3------------         --3-------------
--2------------         --0-------------
--0------------         --4-------------
--0------------         --5-------------
--2------------         --5-------------
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