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Manchester Orchestra - Leave It Alone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Manchester Orchestra - Leave It Alone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Leave It Alone
Manchester Orchestra
Capo 1 

C F X2

C         F
Leave it alone
   C             F          G
We finished this up like an hour ago
   C         F
So leave me alone
  C          F            G
I planted it once, just assumed it would grow
     F              G
Even though, when I think
    C    G     F    C         G       F
Its replicated fear throws me off for years


   C          F
So take me or don't
  C          F            G
A three hour drive but we got nowhere close
    C           F
You read what I wrote
    C             F            G
But you tuned the sound out to make sure I know
           F        G                C      G        F 
Even though I can't see, I feel it's always haunting me
C       G      F
Kicking out my feet
C       G    F
Ruining everything

C F X2

   C       F
So take me alone
         C             F             G
Cause if it's not with you, I've got no place to go
     C             F
Your brags turn to boasts
         C              F      G          
And into fights lasting hours about your dad's ghost
  F                G
Although you can't say it yet
     C     G        F
It's never been the same
       C        G         F
And it looks to stay that way
   C          G      F
It feels like you're okay

A            F                  C
When I was a fire I turned into ice
Melting off my last feverish highs
      A                              F
And I leapt through the sunshine and into the night
        C                      G
Singing songs of my healthiest fears

C F C F G X2

   C          F
So take me or don't
     C             F             G
I've built up this kingdom you'd hopefully loathe
      C       F
If we end up alone
  C            F          G
A plague on my head and a curse in my home
Добавлено: 17.07.2012
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