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Manchester Orchestra - I Was A Lid - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Manchester Orchestra - I Was A Lid - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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I Was A Lid
Manchester Orchestra
These are just the basic chords if you want to see something quick for
reference or do an acoustic version. For the lead, check out the other
tab here on UG. Just move everything a fret up because that one is written
in standard tuning. The lyrics here are just what I could make out
because there's no official lyric sheet or anything.

Tuning: half-step down

Bm D x2

Bm               D
I was a lid on a house we barely speak of
Bm                   D
Folded again I could see myself inside
    Bm                 D
And I was amazed how a God could know my first name
    Bm                     D
And you were amazed at the difference in my speech 2, 3, 4

Bm D

   Bm                        D
So what of your words, did I know you would deceive me?
    Bm                  D
And one better in for a calmness in my side
   Bm                  D
So I made a way from a top east fractioned godspeed
   Bm                   D
And what a debate do you still know my full name

Em G Bm 
Em G D

    Bm                                             D
And I was the one that decided to light you on fire
    Bm                                                      D
And you were a tree with a root that was wrapped in my brain
   Bm                                                    D
So build me a sign make me know that you speak of a light
    Bm                                                       D
How dirty you plead, dirty you plead, dirty you plead, please

Em                                      G                   Bm                             
You know how you thought I ditched your house, I'm faking causes
Em                             G                 D
And I needn't a word I am the saddest version yet
Em                            G                 Bm
So what is the price I pay to be this wrong and stop one?
Em                            G               D
I was the man that claimed to see but now I'm not

Bm D x2

Bm                 D
I am afraid of the good and bad beneath me
   Bm                     D
So give me a sign for the angels on my feet
Bm                 D
I was a man yeah I swear I was a man
   Bm                    D
So keep me alive for the angels in my feet

      Bm               D
Cause I am a way for a man to rid his skin clean
   Bm                     D
So send me a sign for the ones who need my seed 

Em G Bm 
Em G D

Em         G                    Bm
And I had a dream I killed our families
Em               G                      D
And you were the one I hoped you'd blame
Em           G               Bm
And I felt a baby in your stomach
Em            G                     D
I knew who he was but he had no name

(Acoustic or not, you can end it like this):
Добавлено: 07.07.2013
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