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Majid Jordan - Her - аккорды и текст, видео

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Majid Jordan - Her - аккорды и текст, видео

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Majid Jordan
Hope you guys like it:)
You can play the doing w/out the capo. Although if you do use a capo, use it on the 3rd fret.

F                         C
I got her, in the palm of, my hand
She knows I love her
F                             C
I got her, thought I lost her, again

Em                 C
But life's so quick, sometimes
                                        G          F
Just blinking you might miss it when you close, your eyes
Em        C                                                   G     F
It's been, a while, since we kicked it but the answer's on her lips tonight

[Hook] Repeats 

I'm on, the way
                             G           F   
To finding out exactly how to treat her right
Em                        C
Another day, and I've been waiting
                              G        F
But I've been waiting my whole life, to find
Someone like her

F                        C
I'm glad we made it this far
Sometimes you just don't know
F                 C   
So many days spent apart but now
I'm finally yours (so won't you)

Move my body, do it right
C           Em
Left, right, side, side
F                          C            Em
Not about to waste my time, waiting all night

C                F
She knows I got her
She knows I love her
She knows I got her
She knows I love her
She knows, she knows
But it's cool because
It's me she loves
She knows, she does
Добавлено: 08.08.2015
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