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Magellan - Storms And Mutiny - текст песни, видео

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Magellan - Storms And Mutiny - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Crossing the line of demarcation 
They took a passage to the west 
Dead reckoning they doubled back 
Into the north they anchored for bad weather 
San Martin and Magellan almost lost sight of the flagship 

The Santiago and Victoria led 
No sign of land altered the course 
Why not return for winter? 
No violation of direct royal orders 
The men, the officers, all cried "return" 
No captains that had discipline- 
rode the high seas in storms and mutiny (with the enemy) 
Desperately they sought a haven in an age of discovery... 

Extra precautions, setting anchor as they did 
Terrified, the crews made pledges back to Spain for pilgrimage 
Lighting fires at night to signal shipmates-at last deliverance 
from the fury of this godforsaken place they named the "bay 
of travail"- 

Ride the high seas in storms and mutiny (with the enemy) 
Desperately they sought a haven in an age of discovery... 

Genius or madman? So elusive were the straits 
Battered were the ships and men 
A stop for repairs in St. Julian 
The crew wanted to know the route they'd begun 
despite stirring exhortations for loyalty from Magellan 

Onboard Concepcion there was mutiny in demand 
And they moved to take the fleet at night 
with the knowledge there was blood on their hands 
But the tables turned-the remaining crew blocked the exit 
to the sea 
A sudden advantage for the general using ruthless strategy... 

Target chosen shrewdly of three vessels controlled by the 
High numbers of neutral foreigners on Victoria would not 
rise up against him. 

Pulling hard against an ebb 
Rebellion muted the message read: 
"No mistreatment, I'll do what's right" 
No heavy hand will rule the night 

On the mainmast high, we'll raise his flag 
court martial pending on Trinidad 
Condemned to death were forty more 
Mendoza "quartered" upon the shore 

Poetic justice coming swift and severe 
But how could he lose so many men? 
Commute the sentence for the sin 
Confined to quarters and distasteful labor 
Convicted conspirators fallen in his disfavor 

Philosophers and scholars began to challenge 
The true dimensions of the earth (new evidence uncovered) 
Finding the straits Magellan died triumphant 
but no vindication came in time 
No statesman, no royalty- 

Rode the high seas in storms and mutiny (with the enemy) 
Desperately they sailed the globe in a voyage of treachery 

Circumnavigation returning Victoria with twenty-one 
Determined by storms and mutiny 
he conquered the sea 
Though honor followed, a witness he would not be......
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