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Mae - Make Me Cry - текст песни, видео

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Mae - Make Me Cry - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
You know you make me cry

I can't understand why

You know you make me cry

I can't understand why

You think I wanna see you cryin'?
You think I want you when you need not one more doll
Then gettin' scared everytime you hear them sirens
Hear niggaz open fire and
Think your baby dead, front of a hydrant
But it's gon' to be a time when 
Ain't gon' be no more wineing
No more dining, no more diamonds
No reclining, no more expensive violins 
And I'mma probably be the one that's cryin'
According to my mother, if you wanna know if a girl love you
All you gotta do is make her suffer
Stop spending, stop givin' her the minks and linen
You will see if this girl gon' be with you to the ending
Cuz floatin' in the drop, it be all good
And when you come in on the block, it be all good 
Givin' her money to shop, it be all good
But when you get broke dead pop, is it all good, huh?

You know you startin' to act just like these bitches
Every fuckin' night with these bitches
Whatchu doin' fighting with these bitches
They like me for my riches, you like me for me
That's the reason I gave you keys to my V
See you be whipping my Benz
But you still wanna listen to your friends
And them gon' be the same bitches with me in the end
You look at your neck, what you see plenty of ice?
Then you think these hoes don't envy your life?
They wanna lay in Brazil, spend a day in the hills
It ain't hard to shop all day and pay the bills
Fuck the way you feel 
And keep it all real I wrote your name on my will 
And yo', that's real
You think a nigga cheatin' cause I don't be all in your ass
You think them your friends
I cut you off, all them'll laugh 
See my shit right there, put it all in the bag 
You ain't gotta say shit to me again, just call me a cab
I'm Out

Now good thing I ain't a nigga who get way open
And fall for a chick that live way in Oakland
You pay for a trip, she lay up on an ocean
Then you find out this girl playin' with your emotions
I had this one chick turned out a dumb chick
Cause all she ever did for me was some dumb shit
But I could peep how mommy used to be foul
And everytime I hang up the phone she would redial
But it takes more for Mase to flip
I'm the first one to want out this relationship
Save that Jeep receipt, just in case you shit
You wanna fuck with my friends, take your pick, uh
You wanna do your thing, do your thing then
But don't be feignin' when you see me minglin'
Running up saying you love me and don't know the meanin'
When I walk away I could hear the girl screamin'

I just wanna know why
I just wanna know why
I just wanna know why
I just wanna know why
I just wanna know why

You know I wanna know why
You know I wanna know why 
You know I wanna know why
Добавлено: 16.06.2012
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