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Mae - Gotta Survive - текст песни, видео

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Mae - Gotta Survive - текст песни, видео

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I don't regret nothin' that i've ever done at this point i don't owe n obody an explanation 
Man they love you when you up kick you when you down look around vh1 man where are they now 
life is amusin' nobody like to see you cruisin' but evrybody like to see you losin, so i stop
despisin' on top a lies im livin prophet side i'll be ostracized one day i lost my rodeydum the
day i hit the podium now im back on top salty like sodium a gift to this world man rappin' wit a
ribbon why do you look for the dead among the livin' sum thought i was crazy sum thought i was
missin sum said i was lazy sum said i was diffrent i was so loaded that evrybody flowed it but
once i got to notice then i got focused and then i saw they motive so evrybody voted so i did the
way i rote it and live it the way i quote it, c'mon
Gotta Survive in this life thats been givin to me when it seems that the world keeps crashing on
me when im down at the back just keep it real, Gotta survive, Gotta survive, Gotta survive in
this life thats been givin to me so i tried and i tried to do anything when it seems that the
world keeps crashing on me, Gotta survive, Gotta survive
Now the block tried ta tell me what im not pull up in a bot now im all a sudden hot now they
wanna stop just ta look at wat i got thought they were my homay left me out ta rot so i had ta
make it on my own take it on my own i wanted out the hood i had ta scape it on my own believe me
now its easy now cause evrybody seen me down and im on tv now but it started out with no budget
then i took it round the world and the folks love it in the beginnin man my life it was so rugget
but now i shine like a gold nugget cause i made the most of it i no how u feelin man i was weary
sum days i used ta sit there my eyes all teary thinkin ta myself do anybody hear me now i no, u
makin a dolla's not a theory, c'mon

I been laughed at, talked about ridiculed, but m dot bethay is still not a bitter dude and u no
its no coincident that me n u is not so intimate i cant fake i dont shake i dont break i dont
lose  i dont use i dont bruise i never lack and im neva goin back im nuttin u never sawd of im
tellin u that im immortal

Yea, u no theres nuthin in this world that could seperate me from wat i believe from wat i've
achieved all a dis is because a him and im tellin u now as much as yall dont wanna hear dis i
could do nuthin of myself its all through him its all through him so all around the world u dont
even no sucess until u no him and him is jesus
Добавлено: 09.07.2012
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