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Madrugada - Sail Away - аккорды и текст, видео

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Madrugada - Sail Away - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sail Away
                             SAIL AWAY - Madrugada
Tabbed by: Frank

Tuning: standard (On record capo, 3rd fret)

Intro: Em     Am

Verse 1:
Em              Am              Em                      Am
All I see is my newfound friend and all the things she grants me
Em             Am                Em                        Am
Freedom is not among those things and freedom is by no means free
Em                    Am          Em                    Am
Yeah, this is were it all begins, begins to stretch and part
Em               Am             Em                        Am  
If we were to be changing things I wouldn't know were to start

C              D        G        C
I just want to sail away from it all
              D             G              C
Freedom is impossible, this I..... this I know
                      D              G                      C  
I can't find it in no bedroom or wherever it is I'm running high
                     D             Em    Am    Em     Am
I never did find anyone's side

Verse 2:
Em                 Am          Em                   Am
So this is were it all begins, the nutbolt tied around me
Em                   Am           Em                          Am
Now that I've found this big love and sometimes worked in its company
Em                            Am           
Yes, I've become aware by the air that I display 
Em                              Am
An hour is just the smallest of nations
Em                   Am       Em                            Am           
The next day I go on lightly and live it less within my limitations

Chorus x2 to fade
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