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Madrugada - Hold On To You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Madrugada - Hold On To You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hold On To You
                      HOLD ON TO YOU - Madrugada
Tabbed by: Frank
Email: frankmagnussen£

Tuning: standard

Am:     x02210
Am/G:   302210
Am/F#:  200210
F7M  :  033210  
F:      133211
E:      022100

Am   Am/G   Am/F#   F7M  

Verse 1:
           Am                 Am/G
Take the forward path. Have a big slice of the city 
         Am/F#             F7M  
Get the upper hand while you're still pretty 
              Am                              Am/G  
But you know what we're like. No, they will never respect you 
The way you want them to respect you. 
I think it's very well understood..

     Am                         Am/G
That I...  I'm gonna hold on to you 
I'm gonna hold on to you 
You, you 

Repeat chorus instrumental

Verse 2:
         Am                    Am/G
Your cracked up shell. A dead opera house 
            Am/F#                   F7M  
You give yourself to them now in a game of cat and mouse 
          Am                Am/G
From the storyboard to the bedroom scene 
         Am/F#                    F7M  
Through eleven World Wars, other people you have been 

Chorus x3

Verse 3:
       Am                       Am/G 
I can come to terms with slowly going mad 
Am/F#                                      F7M           
Things we used to fear in the dark and whatever lies beyond us
         Am               Am/G
But I've come to resemble my own shadow 
      Am/F#                          F7M    
As it falls into the sidewalk I'm no longer anyone I know 

F                          E
No one here reminds me of you 
    Am    F      E
Yet I see no one else
           Am             Am/G   Am/F#   F7M                 
On the crowded sidewalk 

Repeat chorus to fade
Добавлено: 27.02.2012
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