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Mad Caddies - Without You - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Mad Caddies - Without You - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Without You
Mad Caddies
So, this is my first tab, but I think it's pretty close. I'm not sure about the
D♯s and the placements of them are probably a bit off. Honestly, you can play it without
them and it would probably sound just fine. Same goes for the A♯m a little bit. 
Any suggestions send to

Ska Strumming

Intro: F#  Bbm  Ab

Verse 1:
I feel like I am running in place
                Eb                   Ab
Sometimes I just need a little room to breathe
And I can't run for cover or seek from
Another every little thing I need
I said you're there for the good times and for the bad times
             Eb                 Ab
And for the mid tempo days
But there is nothing that I've been through yet
Where the voice inside of me didn't say

F#                               Bbm                  Ab
Without you without you there is nothing to hold on to
And the morning won't come without you

Verse 2: (Same chords as Verse 1)
I know there's days when I don't try hard enough for you girl
          Eb                       Ab
And every moment I can't always be there
And your love that I've been stealing well
I hope you know I'm feeling
That through all this that I really care

I said I move out to the left side
                              Eb              Ab
And to the right side or any way that you choose
Because the way that you make me feel
You know I never want to lose

Chorus: F#  Bbm  Ab
Bridge x2: (Same as chorus)

Whatever you call this part: (I think it's single chords held for a long time but it may
be just horns)
Oh when I wake up in the morning baby
And I see you lying next to me
There ain't nothing in the world going to take away my
Pain and come and set me free

Chorus: F#  Bbm  Ab

F#                                Bbm               Ab
Without you without you there is nothing to hold on to
And the morning won't come
No the morning won't come
        Bbm                             Ab
No the morning is never really going to come
Without you

Ending 1: F#
Ending 2: (Slide audibly between the chords) Bbm  Ab  F# F  F#

The second ending is basically the horn part but it sounds kinda cool.

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it!!
Добавлено: 23.02.2012
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