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Mad At The World - On The Stage - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mad At The World - On The Stage - аккорды и текст, видео

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On The Stage
Mad At The World
Mad at the World
The Dreamland Cafe
by Roger Rose
Copyright 1994 MATW publishing
Tabbed by Josh Smith  (

Here are the chords you will need:

Am-     x02210   Barre:  577555  (use on verse)
Em-     022000
Em#7-  02204x
Em7-    022030
Em6-    022020
Cm        x32010
Dm        xx0232
Gm        320003   Barre:  355433  (use on verse)
A7-       x02020
D7-       xx0212
Bm-     Barre: 799777  (use on verse)
D#dim- xx1242
F#m-    Barre: 244222

Vs 1:

Am  Em   G   Am     Em G     Am
On with the show, dim the lights,
 Em   G      Am
take your seats,
Em  Am       Bm                     F#m A Bm
and oh yes did I mention that
 F#m   A   Bm                     F#m A Bm F#m G    
         our shirts are in the back?
Am  Em G       Am
No, no more wait, 
Em    G      Am        Em   G    Am
we would hate to keep you late,
    Em Am Bm                 F#m A Bm F#m A 
so everybody show the band
      Bm                  F#m A Bm 
a complimentary hand.
   C                       G
Here they come again 
              C                G
like a puppet on a string,
    D                    A
smiling back at you 
              D                       D#dim 
as they play and as they sing.


Em                           Em#7
On the stage in the colored lights
                    Em7                  Em6
where the moon is brightly shining.
Em                                    Em#7
On the stage where the dreamers dream
                  Em7                         Em6           C
and they'll take your hand and lead you away
to a brighter day.

Vs 2: (chords same as Vs 1)

No, it's not bad when you're sad
I get sad too 
but I know something you can do
to help you make it through.
Life is a song, and when you sing along
things look better than before
That's what I do it for.
In a world of pain and suffering
and misery, I still know a place
to go where nothing touches me.



Am                    C                 
Everytime we come out here
and play our song.
Am                      C                     G
We look at you looking back at us.
  Am                         C
When we're singing to you,
you can sing along.
Then we know you really care,
you're the reason that we're there.

Vs 3:  (same chords)

Town after town, place to place,
coast to coast, every place I see the same.
I didn't learn their names.
Now that we're through,
we're depending on you
to take us home and play the tape,
tell anyone we're great.
We'll be back again
yes, we hope to see you there.
Shine the colored lights,
put the fog into the air.

(CHORUS)   The very last chord in the song is G6  (320000)

I hope that wasn't too confusing. If you have any questions, feel free to
email me. Have fun!
Добавлено: 22.08.2013
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