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Mad At The World - Dreamland Cafe - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mad At The World - Dreamland Cafe - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dreamland Cafe
Mad At The World
*DREAMLAND CAFE                           *
*by Roger Rose                                  *
*Mad at the World                              *
*Dreamland Cafe                                *
*Copyright 1994 MATW Publishing     *
(cool! I made a box!)

Ok, here's Dreamland Cafe:
intro:   A  A7M     A7   D   E  (or something like that)

You got nowhere to go, you got nothing to do
let me help you.
I can show you the way to a place you can stay
if you want to.
It's something in you heart like a tiny little seed.
Say a little prayer to Heaven and believe.
It's all you need.


It's a lovely day
at the Dreamland Cafe.
Where the skies 
are the bluest of blue.
And we want to believe
that it's true 
             A              G          F#
so we hope and trust and pray.
 Bm                        E               A
All is okay at the Dreamland Cafe

Vs 2: 

There's people who smile and there's people who can't, 
we don't mind it. 
But if they stay around there is love to be found
and they'll find it.
Sadness is a gift if sadness brings you back again
Jesus loves the broken hearted castaways
Who've gone astray.


Vs 3:

Now there's so many ways to be empty these days
look around you.
But it can't fill the hole down deep in your soul
It confounds you.
All I'm trying to say is God is love and love is all
All you'll ever need the rest gets in the way
And by the way.


Oh, somewhere in there is a lead break, which I didn't tab, but I think
the chords are something like Bm  &  E You can probably guess that I
haven't listened to this song in a while! Well I hope you enjoy this
song, it's pretty cool. Email me if you have any questions.  
Добавлено: 10.07.2013
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