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Mad At The World - Ballad Of Adam And Eve - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mad At The World - Ballad Of Adam And Eve - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ballad Of Adam And Eve
Mad At The World
Mad at the World

(There's an interesting guitar riff to start the song off but I haven't
 worked that out yet)

Em                D                     C7M        Em
Long Ago When The World Was Young And Nobody  Understood,

    Em              D                 C7M               Em
The Way A Man And A Woman Could Be In Love The Way They Should

Em                       D
He Was Sad, He Knew That Something Was Missing,

    C7M             Em    D           Em      D        Em
But Soon Adam Would See A Woman As He Woke Up From His Sleep.

(the Introduction Riff Is Repeated Here)

Em                    D
She Was Soft With The Purest Touch

        C7M                 Em
And Her Eyes  Said That She Cared,

  Em                  D                 C7M              Em
A Friend To Him And A Friend To Her And All The World To Share

    Em                      D
And When They Came Together Man And Wife

           C7M              Em
It Was The Perfect Thing To C

              D                  Em      D      Em
And Then They Said Those Words Together, I Love You.

(riff Here Too)
   C                   D      G
  That's The Way That Love Began

      F#m                                   D
  And That's The Way That Love Was Meant To Be.

       Em             D
In The Sadness Or The Laughter,

         C7M             Em
Into The Darkness Or The Day

    Em            D               C7M                  Em
The Two Of Them Became As One And Love Would Guide The Way,

Em                  D
Never Leaving Never Thinking Twice

        C7M           Em
About A Life For Them Apart,

          D                      Em     D          Em
They Were Joined Together By The Love Inside Their Hearts.(repeat) 

Добавлено: 23.08.2013
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