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Macklemore And Ryan Lewis - Growing Up - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Macklemore And Ryan Lewis - Growing Up - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Growing Up
Macklemore And Ryan Lewis
No Capo
E A E G# A

A       E           B
They say boys don't cry
But your daddy shed a lot of tears
      E                       G#
They say I should be a strong man
But baby, I'm still filled with fear
     E                       B
Sometimes I don't know who I am
Sometimes I question why I'm here
 E                     G# 
I just wanna be a good dad
Will I be? I have no idea

They say girls shouldn't be tough
And moms should raise their kids at home
     E                           G#
But baby, I know that that isn't true
Cause your momma's the toughest person I know
I wanna raise you to be like her
And watch you show the world how to do it on your own
          E                      G#
I'm still tryna figure out who I am
                        A                       E
I don't wanna mess this up or do this wrong

E                                        A
I'm gonna be there for your first breath
I don't know if I'll be there for your first step
I can promise you that I'll try to work less
But the tour's routed, and I got this album
Put in so many hours, and I just want the outcome
To be something that I can look back and I can be proud of

E                    G#
Don't wanna be a dad that's living in FaceTime
A                                                         E
But I've got a world to sing to and you at the same time
E                                     A
I won't spoil you, you can trust that
A                                     E
For your sweet 16, you get a bus pass
E                      G#
Had your heart broken? Been there, done that
I love you and I can't give you enough of that

Give back to community that raised you up
Read Langston Hughes, I suggest "A Raisin in the Sun"
E                      G#
Listen to Sam Cooke, a change gon' come
            A                                              E
You put the work in, don't worry about the praise, my love
E                                                        A
Don't try to change the world, find something that you love
And do it every day
   E                         G#
Do that for the rest of your life
And eventually, the world will change

[Ed Sheeran]
A       E                 A
I'll be patient, one more month
A                E     G#         A        E
You'll wrap your fingers round my thumb
E                         A
Times are changing, I know, but who am I if
        E    G#      A
I'm the person you become
A                    E           A
If I'm still growing up, up, up, up
A                 E           A
I'm still growing up, up, up, up
I'm still growing up

E                            A
I recommend that you read The Alchemist
A                            E
Listen to your teachers, but cheat in calculus
E                A
Tell the truth, regardless of the consequence
A              E
And every day, give your momma a compliment

E                     B
Take your girl to the prom
B             A
But don't get too drunk hanging out the limo
A    E                             G#
Slow dance with your woman in your arms
G#           A
Sneak her in after but boy, you better tiptoe
A               F#m              G#  
Don't wake your mom up, do yoga, learn 'bout karma
    A                        B
Find god, but leave the dogma

E                                                      A
The quickest way to happiness? Learning to be selfless
Ask more questions, talk about yourself less
E                    G#
Study David Bowie, James Bowen and 2Pac
A                                                   E
Watch the sun set with best friends from a rooftop

E                              A
Wear a helmet, don't be stupid
Jaywalk, but look before you do it
A     E                          G#
If it snows, go outside, build a jump, get some help
Get a sled, thrash the hill with your friends till it melts

A     E
Go to festivals, camp, fall in love and dance
E           A
You're only young once, my love, one, this is your chance
A    E                 G#
Take risks, cause life moves so fast
You're only young once, my love, one, this is your chance

Chorus x2

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