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Lvl Up - Soft Power - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lvl Up - Soft Power - аккорды и текст, видео

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Soft Power
Lvl Up
                        Soft Power - LVL UP

Tuning: Standard

C         G   F
my friend ryan offered good advice, 
     C           G           F
so i took a slice and sailed through to mellow skies. 
C                G                   F
there is nothing wrong with being nice, 
Am                 G                 F
unless it's just a front to get yourself by, 
          G                 F     G
and i can tell, so what the hell

                        C              G
i don't think i really need them in my life, 
    C                 G                 F      G
sometimes i wish that bird would up and die, 
Am           G       F
tear through crayola skies. 

Am G F 4x


                   G     Am             F
now i sit at home alone, watch tv, mope on the phone, 
    C               G     Am            F              C
and annie meets the moon, it is dawn in paris though 
             G        Am              F
i want to un-know the swell i felt under your hex, 
            C            G         Am  F 
your floral dress, your silver wire    specs. 

C     G                  Am
cindy moved to the other side 
              F                   C
and there she lived as if she'd died, 
G              Am
death cult paradise, 
              F                C
why don't you end it where it lies? 
      G                    Am
i got home and had another try, 
          F                C
but ryan tells me all the time, 
             G                    Am
he's got the same damn problem as mine, 
minimal heartbreak feels nice

Am G F 4x

too lazy to figure out this last solo, sorry
Добавлено: 24.12.2015
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