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Lupe Fiasco - Muhammed Walks - текст песни, видео

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Lupe Fiasco - Muhammed Walks - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
(Clip from Farenheit 911) 

Awootho billahee min shaytaan nirrajeeme bismillah hir Rahman neer raheem 


This is one's for all my brothers and sisters who died in Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan and right here in America 

(Jesus Walks) 
Abraham Talked 
Muhammad Talked 
And Moses split the sea 
(Jesus Walk with me) 
I ain't tryin to profit of the prophets so this one's for free 

[Verse 1]
G's up along with Muhammad and Jesus 
In the Quran they call him Isa 
Don't think Osama and sadaam are is our leada 
We pray for peace, but the drama intrigues us 
All, so we fall for the illusions of the beast 
So instead of tryin to teach we show our teeth 
Saying God, different beliefs 
Hijabs, Sunday clothes, yamika, kufi, same mission beneath 
We all tryin to get to where the sufferin ends 
In front of the Most High bein judged for our sins 
Can front for the Most High, so the struggle 
You, every bird, bird and tree, me, her and me 
We virtually on the same boat 
With the same goats, on the same sea 
Tryin to stay afloat, and put the devil in the yolk 
With a couple of God's quotes



[Verse 2]
And to the sisters and the mothers of ours 
Who cover theyselves cause they're lovers of God 
The Creator of the worlds, Sculptor of the stars, 
During Hajj we walk, through Ramadaan we starve 
Though you not eatin, there's a feedin of the mind 
A defeatin of the demons, a seein' of the signs 
A leanin on the lines from the surahs 
Getting purer, God deemed it unclean 
(Ther's no eatin of the swine) 
Nor drinkin' of the wine 
We all been to the wind, so I send out a message to my kind 
I'm Cordial to Mr Norfull, Mrs. Adam you're the theme song when I'm battling* 
Creb flow, player whats happenin 
I can hear the truth in your rappins' 
Sex before you marry 
No grudges 
You should be carry no lyin 
Not supposed to be gamblin' 


(I know it sounds familiar) 
We all the same man 
It's all a game 
The devil hate each and every one of us exactly the same 
(I wanna walk like Jesus, talk like jesus SAW) 

[Verse 3]
You know 
And To my Akh's tryin to stay on their deen 
It gets mean especially when u stay on the scene 
And at the same try to stay out of trouble 
But don't forget the blessing's in the struggle 
The Most Forgiving will forgive it if you stay repentant 
And hustle 
You gotta stay on your salats, your zakats, your Quran 
To my homies and miskeen 
Allah forgive us all 
For we all are sinners 
Bless us to be among the winners 
When it ends 
But until then please strengthen the mission within our hearts 
All praise is due to God 
Tellin it how it was taught me 
I ain't tryin to sell it can be brought for free 
This is how it is 
Now how it ought to be 
Muhammad talk to me 
Jesus walk with me 
I hope??¦.

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