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Lupe Fiasco - 1St & 15Th - текст песни, видео

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Lupe Fiasco - 1St & 15Th - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
[Verse 1:]
Say Is This Home
Widely Received 
Wherever I Touchdown 
Call Me Young Touchdown 
Nothin' Deeper Then The Endzone 
I Had A Good Year
Like The Blimp Ice Cube Of Pimpson
My Lips Pon 
From The Same Blocks 
Where I Made Everthing Rock Like Flinstones
Drop With The Rims On
Clock Full Of Jem Stone
Cant Call It 
Like Blocks On The Sprint Phone
The Flow Incredible 
Remember L.U.P Emrpa
Nickname December 
Move Birds Like Winter 
Mind On My Tender
Move Words Like Verbs 
Drop Lines Like Enter
Gon' Get It Crunk 
I Aint Really Gotta Jump Like Centers
Hey'while You Popin And Panicin'
Peep The Dimener That Im Stanin In
Unfaised Like A Mockin A Manican
Dont Think Its Fluff Cuz The Pamerin
Im Still Ruff Like The Unpaved Man
Like The Unpaved Madison
Straight Where I Stay 
Like Dogs Tht Dont Move
Abediant School Made Me So Cool 
I Was So Unrule 
I Used To Chase Car From Female Dogs 
Wouldn't Sit With Shit 
On The Floor Now U Cats Can't Move

Ima Chaser 
And Nigga Tryin Take Me Off My Paper 
Like Erasers
Let Put U On To Somethin
All I Got Is The Otha End For Them
And They Brotheren
That Wanna Get It Bubble 
Its Nothin
So Be Clear 
Like I Pretend To Be Here
Not Just Friend 
But If U Feel U Need It
Than I Can Be Your Last One Like Jesus
With The Ease To Speech No English
U Can Be As Hard To Sign Language 
With No Fingers 
Drama For The Domas 
Sky It So It Lingers
I Never Forget Like Elephants 
Thought U Had Ur Self A Slippa 
Like Cinderela's Prince 
But Instead You Got A Pimpa
That Wasn't Hesitant
To Help U Limp Like Empatence Jack
Viagra So Be More Exact 
Empera The Emgera 
I Rap To Much On The Issue 
Back To My Ritual
We'll Be Back 
If I Happen To Miss 
Clappin A Pistol
Like Clap When U Piss Dude 
Laugh As A Chick Do

Hhaaha Hardy Har Niggas
Добавлено: 11.06.2012
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