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Luniz - I Got Five on it (reprise) - текст песни, видео

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Luniz - I Got Five on it (reprise) - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Creep on in, on in (echos)
See I'm ridin high, ridin high (echos)
Kinda broke you see me, so all I got is FIVE

Verse 1 *(Knumskull & Yukmouth)*

I Got Five On It
I got five what you got nigga?
Damn I think I got two bucks in my sock nigga.
Well that's that
Fuck it
I think I got three bucks in my backpack
Enough to get a phat sack.
Hell yeah!
You got some zags?
Not at all man.
Let's get some from the store.
Fa sho, because a nigga need a Tall Ken.
Open the door blood.
Nigga where my keys at?
I don't know?
Remember I gave 'em to you to go get that weed sack.
Oh here they go in my sock.
Put your seatbelt on
Cuz there's hella cops parked up the block.
Well nigga bust a U-ey then.
Nigga fire up that doobie then.
Hell nah!
You major skanless potna.
Well sue me then.
Oh, be like that on a roach?
Nope, look at them hoes!
Man fuck them tricks, nigga let's get smoke!
Pass the doobie to the left biddy-bum-bum-boo!
Whoa! What the fuck wrong wit you?!
Damn I had a flash back
This nigga frontin me some yay
But you know that he ain't gonna get his cash back.
Nigga what if the cash jack?
Oh it's cool
Fuck this, I'm puttin it in the cuts.
It's bad enough he got not tags on the Cutlass
Eh you know what? 84th is the closest.
A fat ass Hamp, nigga let's smoke this.
Let's roll a blunt wit the skunk.
Why you bring that skanless ass sack?
Man this shit ain't no punk.
Here smell this.
Roll it up then nigga!
Haha, yeah!
Let's go half on some liquor
Yeah go get some Tango or something.
(Eh, I got to see some I.D.)
Aww man, shit I ain't got nothing!
Man I spend wit you all the time.
(Sorry no I.D., no colors Icy Bine)
Aww fuck that!
They didn't let you get the drank?
(Get out my store!)
Man I ain't trippin.

Chorus *(Mike Marshall)*

I got five on it
Grab your 40
Let's get keyed
I got five on it
Fuckin wit that Indo weed
I got five on it
It's got me stuck and I'm tore back
I got five on it
Nigga lets go half on a sack.

Verse 2 *(Knumskull)*

I take a sack to the face
Whenever I can
Fuck a cruch
I be smokin that shit
Til the joint be burnin my hand
Next time I roll it in a Hampa
To burn slo
So the ashes won't be burnin up my hand, bra
Hoes wanna hit but they know they got to pitch in
I roll a joint that's longer than your extension
Cuz I'll be damned if you get high off me for free
Fuck that
You betta bring your own shit cheif
Don't babysit that
You better pass the
JOINT! nigga stop hittin cuz you know ya got asthma
Crack a 40 open homie
An guzzel it
Добавлено: 12.07.2012
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