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Lunachicks - Octopussy - текст песни, видео

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Lunachicks - Octopussy - текст песни, видео

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Eigth long arms to hold your love real tight 

I'll hug you and sqeeze you, make you feel alright 

since you and me were meant to be 

my eight will be fine 

I'll hold you in my arms 

please let me know that your mine 

Octopussy the monster of love 

Oh, I love you baby 

you're my sea turtle dove 

Oct Oct Octopussy 

If you say your mine 

I'll take you down for some lovin" 

show you where its at 

inside my octopussy coven 

Oct Oct Octopussy 

with the sea anemones 

you will there with me underneath 

the coral reef hidden by my pussy sheath 

deep below the fishes lay in the seaweed 

we will play my eight all around you 

I'm so gald my tentacles found you! 

Oct Oct Octopussy 

If eight ain't good enough 

I'll try to give you some more 

your love will be oozing out 

to hit the deep sea green floor 

I'm giving you your every inch and even my soul 

so lets climb up together 

on the sunkin ships pole 

I'll take you to the deep dark blue 

my love 8 x ias allways true 

I'm the monster & you're the love 

my eight arms fit you, like a glove
Добавлено: 03.07.2012
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