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Lunachicks - Mr. Lady - текст песни, видео

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Lunachicks - Mr. Lady - текст песни, видео

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My brown eye's blue, from so much lovin, I'm gettin 

Another lovin oven, one that makes me feel more like, 

The woman trapped, so long inside 

My body hair has been removed, but I sure have 

some muscley thighs The hormones soften up my voice 

Goin all the way, I've made the choice 

Kick off my boots, slip on my heels, now I'm truly me. 

powder my nose pull on some hose, I'm feelin' free 

My lipstick's on, brows penciled on I am so pretty 

And even though I'll never bleed, that's o.k. with me 

I'm more than a woman, more than a man 

I feel larger than life, you must understand 

When I was a little boy, Malibu Baribe was my favorite toy 

Now there is just no Mistaking, I'm a woman 

Just awaking, I feel alive, 

A new rebirth, It cost a lot but I think it's worth it 

Took many years to have this done, now once a day 

I touch my breasts put on a bra, daytime lingerie 

Walk down the street in summer's heat strutting to 

And fro I'm in a dress, no need to tuck, I'm finally free!! 

I strut my stuff all down the street now I'm truly me 

I whistle as the boys go by, I'm feelin free I check my 

Face and grip my mace they won't dare hurt me 

I'm feelin right, go out tonite and that's okay with me! 

Mr. Lady.
Добавлено: 28.07.2012
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