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Lucksmiths - Cat In Sunshine - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lucksmiths - Cat In Sunshine - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cat In Sunshine
D            A                 G
You tell me you don't like the way I comb my hair
              D                  A          G
But there are two of us at this table only one of us doesn't care
       D               A                 G
You're so engrossed in what you read and you're not really there
    D                A            G
Can tell you all my troubles and all you say is 'yeah, yeah, yeah'

D A G x 2

D            A                 G
Television's off tonight, I heard somebody cry outside
     D                   A                  G
The smells of spring are everywhere getting mixed up with my own
D                 A                 G
Could've sworn I heard you say this house was not your home
D                        A                 G                D   A   G
Medicine cabinet is your only friend, your greatest fear is telephone
                      D A G
Here it comes again

    D                  G             D             G  [no chords]
You look like so many adjectives but what you are is [pause] what I'm not

D                        A                   G
You come round here in a brand new shirt and announce that you're a brand new girl
         D                      A                  G
But you stole that line and you probably stole the shirt as well
D                   A                    G
Sometimes I have to wonder why I'd only take an inch and you gave me a mile
         D               A                 G
It's got more to do with stupidity Than it has to do with style

D              A                 G
Every time you come round here I never know just what you'll wear
        D               A           G
And I'm sitting here in yesterday's underwear
        D                   A                        G
Do you have to try hard to look as though you really couldn't care
   D                  A            G             D A G
A friend once told me apathy looks good on her

     D                 G      D            G            D       G   D  G
You look like so many similes what you are is a cat in sunshine

D                       A        G
And when you're here I feel like D Day is here
           D                  A           G
All those songs about burning houses are giving me ideas
     D                     A                  G
If I hear those words once more I'll pour the petrol on the floor
         D            A                 G
And I'll watch the flames caress your door

     D                 G             D             G         D      G
You look like so many analogies but what you are is a cat in sunshine
          D     G                D        G D     G
A cat in sunshine, a canary in a coal mine ah ah

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