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Love You Moon - Please Come Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Love You Moon - Please Come Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Please Come Home
Love You Moon
Found this in comments on youtube (credit to scarymusic78):

Verse: C#m F#m C#m C#m
       F#m C#m G#  C#m-B

Chorus: E B E C#m E B C#m
(with some variations)

Bridge: A B C#m


Please oh please come home today
If you don't go I can't say no and it will hurt twice more
Baby, I can't stifle my own desire
I wrenched my heart with misery and everybody knows

Please oh please come home to me
I begged, I begged for these eyes to stop seeing
Before the loneliness you know it's your embrace I miss
Oh please stick to sewing up the stitches

Dig down deep with your fingertips
A feeling for the perfect shape with a colour code to match
Well there's a lock upon the bolt that shut the door there to that old man's heart
Long forgotten the keys location so he can load his gun

But the clouds are getting grey and it looks about to rain
And shes shaking off the morning while I'm trying to convince her 
That the pain that's in my belly ain't because I cant maintain
I just haven't felt like feeling for the past couple of days

When she wakes up, peels the blankets, yells approval to the baby sun
I squint my eyes and smile
When she opens up the closet door with her body bare and beautiful
And contemplates the cloth in which to drape around her frame

I got substitutes for stoking up the flame that keeps the pain outside
The perfected perimeter, the place I like to hide
But it burns, burns down till the fire is extinguished
And I'm so cold when I'm alone in bed, when the world won't stop quivering

Please, Oh please, come home to me
I bled, I bled for these eyes to stop sinking in
Swallow sorrow with a chaser and a wince
And listen to my promise even if I can't convince you
Добавлено: 13.10.2013
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