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Love And Theft - Town Drunk - аккорды и текст, видео

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Love And Theft - Town Drunk - аккорды и текст, видео

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Town Drunk
Love And Theft
Capo 2
[Intro] |  G  |  Am  | (2x)
G                                           Am                  
She used to come over to my house, she only lived a few miles away
G                                      Am
Never knew why but my mama said fi she wanted she could stay
D                                                  Am
A pretty little girl who fought like a boy but she wanted to hold my hand
D                                                    Am
In a little blue dress that she always wore, yeah, I might have been her only friend

[Instrumental] |  G  |  Am  |

G                                                  Am
I remember that summer like yesterday, she used to hang around all the time
G                                               Am
Down by the creek we would always play and tell secrets by the porch light
D                                     Am
Shy as a bird and timid as a flower I wondered where she grew up
D                                             Am                                    G
I never really thought that much about it but everybody said her daddy was the town drunk

Am            G               D                           Am
Broken like a bottle, running from the only home she ever had
Am      G             D
Tangled in the talk behind her back
Am                       G                      D                             Am
Yeah, he thought she was nothin, growing like a weed on the wrong side of the tracks
Am                                    G
How could anyone not love a girl like that?

[Instrumental] |  G  |  Am  |
G                                              Am
One afternoon in the middle of town, I saw her daddy sleeping on a bench
G                                                     Am
So I walked up to him and introduced myself, said his daughter was my best friend
D                                          Am
He looked at me like he didn't care and he asked me for a couple bucks
D                                        Am                                          G 
Right then I decided I'd look after that pretty little girl whose daddy was the town drunk

[Repeat Chorus] 
[Instrumental] |  G  |  Am  | (2x)
[Repeat Chorus]
[Instrumental] |  G  |  Am  | (2x)

G                                                 Am
Several years later, I read in the paper that her daddy had passed away
G                                                               Am 
I was holdin' her hand, she had the baby in the other there was really nothing I could say
She looked at me and I gave her a kiss
All that really mattered was the three of us
D                                         Am                                  G
Nobody thought it'd all work out for that pretty little girl who was the town drunk
Добавлено: 22.10.2013
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