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Loudon Wainwright - One Man Guy - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Loudon Wainwright - One Man Guy - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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One Man Guy
Loudon Wainwright

This is one of Loudons best songs

G                                             C
people will know when they see this show the kind of
   D     G
a guy i am,They'll recognise just what i stand for
           C         D
and what i just cant stand,
C                        D                    C
They'll percieve what i believe in and what i know
is true
G                               C
and they'll recognise that im a one man guy always
G                C
was throught and throught

people meditate hey thats just great try to find an inner you, people depend on family and friends other folks to pull them throught, i dont know why im a one man guy, i dont know why this is a one man show.
but these 3 cubic feet of bone and blood and meatt are what i love and know.
G                       C        G
i'm aone man guy in the morning, same in the
    C      G                    C
afternoon, one man guy when the sun goes down
G                    C     G                C
whistle me a one man tune, one man guy im a one
        G                    C  Am
man guy only kindm of guy to be one man guy ima
C                Am                     G
one man guy im a one man guy im aone man guy

im gona bathe and shave and dress my self and eat solo every night unhook the phone sleep a lone stay way out of sigth sure its kind of lonely yeah its sort of sick bein your own one and only is a selfish dirty trick

im a one man guy in the mrning .etc.

as i say one of his best so enjoy
David Singleton

Добавлено: 06.01.2014
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