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Lou Reed - Wait - текст песни, видео

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Lou Reed - Wait - текст песни, видео

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Wait (disgrace)

I know I shouldnt, but well wait (such a pretty face)

I know the time is getting late (... such a waste)

And here is what you hesitate (such a pretty face)

But still I really wish that youd wait (... such a waste)

Although the passion might abate (such a pretty face)

And find you in another state (its such a state)

That will seem just as a mistake (its such a waste)

Oh baby, I really think that I oughta wait (such a pretty face)

Wait (it was such a waste)

I really wouldnt want your hate (its such a pretty face)

Certainly not after like late (... such a waste)

You wanna give not only take (its such a pretty face)

I know propriety is such a waste (its such a disgrace)

But then it says you really have to wait (such a pretty face)

Considering the present state (... such a waste)

Dont change my mind at such a late stage (... such a waste)

Oh baby, dont you think you oughta wait (such a pretty face)

Ooohhh ...

Ooohhh ...

Ooohhh ...

Ooohhh ...


Oh, now baby, how I wish you would wait

I really wish youd hesitate

Oh, baby, baby please why dont you wait

Oh, how I really wish youd wait

Oh, how I wish youd hesitate



(... someday)
Добавлено: 01.01.2014
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