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Lost Dog Street Band - Carry On - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lost Dog Street Band - Carry On - аккорды и текст, видео

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Carry On
Lost Dog Street Band

Carry On
Lost Dog Street Band

Standard tuning
EM                    C        G                                    D
I wish i was dead or drunk or deceived like so many good friends of mine 
EM                            C         G                    D           G   C  G 
'Cause time it does kill the last of my will to see through my reckless eyes 
EM                         C            G                            D
If you should go yours and I should go mine we'll meet in heaven or hell 
EM                   C      G                       D           G    C  G 
We never cared for much in between of the world we desperately dwell 

EM         C                  G
oooo, How I loved you in the dawn 
EM            C                G
oooo, but our souls they drift apart 
EM             C        G
oooo, we must carry on again 
EM            C            G
oooo , carry on my dearest friend 

    EM                   C            G                          D
The moon shines on the porch of the train as i bid New Orleans goodbye, 
     EM                    C          G                          D          G     C   G  
it reminds me again of the man that I am and the thought brings tears to my eyes, 
     EM              C           G                               D
The miles between your heart and mine don't lessen the love we share, 
    EM                  C       G                  D       G   C   G
So if I should fail or die or prevail my fate is yours to bear 


EM                       C            G                                D
I'm weary and tired I've nearly expired as the bottle's killed in the end, 
     EM                     C  G                      D    G    C  G
your face comes to mind and I smile and sigh as I ride on again 

Добавлено: 01.12.2015
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