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Lonnie Johnson - He's A Jelly Roll Baker (1942) - текст песни, видео

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Lonnie Johnson - He's A Jelly Roll Baker (1942) - текст песни, видео

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She said, “Mr. Jelly Roll Baker, let me be your slave,
When Gabriel blows his trumpet, then I'll rise from my grave,
For some of your good jelly roll, yes, I love good jelly roll.
It is good for the sick, yes and its good for the old.

I was sentenced for murder in the first degree,
The Judge's wife call up and says, “let that man go free!
He's a Jelly Roll Baker, he's got the best jelly roll in town.
He's the only man can bake jelly roll, with his damper down.”

Man was in the hospital, shot all full of holes,
The nurse left the man dyin' and said she's, “got to get her jelly roll.”
Its good old jelly, she says, “I love my good jelly roll.”
She said, “I'd rather let him lose his life, than to miss my good jelly roll.”

Lady asked me, “Who learnt me, how to bake good jelly roll?”
I said, “Nobody miss, its just a gift from my soul,
To bake good jelly roll, mmmmm, that good ol' jelly roll.
She says, “I love your jelly, its suits me good deep down in my soul.”

She says, “can I put in my order for two weeks ahead?
I'd rather have your jelly roll than my home-cooked bread.
I love your jelly, I love your good jelly roll.
It's just like Maxwell House coffee, it good deep down in my soul.”
Добавлено: 16.06.2012
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