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Long Beach Dub Allstars - Daybreak - текст песни, видео

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Long Beach Dub Allstars - Daybreak - текст песни, видео

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your in an isolated sun without a glimse of hope

(no hope)

your mind is long gone and you've run out of smoke

(no smoke)

your brain feels like a jellyfish in the ocean of your mind

(your not there)

you try to seize the day if you could only crawl out of bed

so what u gunna do when the sun wont shine

(wont shine)

what u gunna do when the words dont rhyme

(they wont rhyme)

one runs one hides one throws a little fit

one like a coward takes a knife to his wrist

but another brushes away his strife

(his strife)

jah come to him with a new approach to life

(his life)

he can laugh he can sing he can make his life a dream

no matter how oppressed he can always be free

shes got her hands around your neck like a noose ready to squeeze

(she'll squeeze)

you think your standing tall but your really on your knees

(your knees)

then one day it comes like somehow you knew it would


loves a fatal game where evil always triumphs over good

what u gunna do when your soulmate shys

(she shys)

what u gunna do when the devil crys

(he cries)

one dips one trips one cashes in his chips

one poor fool swan dives off a cliff

but another smiles in the golden sunlight


lets the honey rays turn his dark soul bright

(dark soul bright)

cuz he can ride he can glide

he can burn and stay inside

they can pressure every bone

but they can never ever kill your pride

you take a look around the room at these friends most dear

(so dear)

as a tear slowly drops into your glass of beer

(my beer)

you laugh at your future and cringe at your past

(so past)

subconciously hoping this day will be your last

(be last)

and when you try to tell them just exactly how you feel

(how you feel)

your tongue is so filled with discomfort and cold hard steel

(cold steel)

each new day brings a different set of eyes

you must crawl upon some reason because down far lies

so what you gunna do when the musics through

(its through)

what you gunna do when truths not true

(not true)

one sighs one cries one submits to his demise


one man puts a bullet right between his eyes

(his eyes)

but another, legs can break out of night

(they break)

hits the bubble gum and feels quite alright

(all night)

cuz he can hum as he strums a little tune on the guitar

you can drive a thousand miles and be exactly right where you are
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