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Loeb, Lisa - Snow Day - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Loeb, Lisa - Snow Day - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Snow Day
Loeb, Lisa
		   *** SONG: Snow Day        Author: Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories ***
             *** Album: Tails off of Geffen Records  ***
           *** Transcriber: Adam Rogoyski ***

    This is Snow Day by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories.  This is my
    Interpretation of the song.  I'm really speculating it on this one!
    But i got it sounding real good when I play it.

       The Song opens up with this Like Apegiated riff or something.  I
       am not sure exactly of the note Pattern, but i Know the chords from
       which it comes from...Play a picking pattern from each of these
       chords for 4 beats then go to the next chord and do the same thing.

                   Appegiate Each chord for 4 beats

       When Lisa comes in Singing it repeats the above again.
       After The Picking pattern it goes into just Strumming the Above
       chords, just listen for the pattern.

       When it gets to the part when she says
       "And When i Get down to my bones..."
       It just goes into strumming alternating chords starting by going from
       G   D   G   D
       And then it switches to this progression when she sings
       "First by Mind, then by Music..."
       B   E   B   E

       Then it's back to the Opening chords, strumming away like in the
       opening verses.

       The rest of the song repeats these the begining chords and these
       chords.  In the G  D  G  D progression it changes to G Bm G Bm in
       like the las verse.  Also, after the intro chords the 2nd time it
       goes C (8th fret)  D   G   D . That's pretty much it.  Have lots of
       I am:  Adam Rogoyski
       My lisa loeb web page
       My online Video Game fanzine Video Games express

       This tab is original work by me and my trusty ole ear! Have Fun!     
Добавлено: 21.07.2013
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