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Lloyd - Rounding The Horn - текст песни, видео

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Lloyd - Rounding The Horn - текст песни, видео

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The gallant frigate, Amphitrite, she lay in Plymouth Sound,
Blue Peter at the foremast head for she was outward bound;
We were waiting there for orders to send us far from home;
Our orders came for Rio, and thence around Cape Horn.

Next day, we weighed our anchor, boys, and waved goodbye all
And some of us we knew would never more see Plymouth Sound;
But still our hearts were light and gay, and when all was taut and
We foraged out the bumboat grog and each man filled his mug.

We drank success to Plymouth girls, to Kate and Poll and Sue,
And arguing o'er their various charms struck up a fight or two.
Jim Crab he landed Bonny Nodge a clout that made him snort,
And to this day his nose has got a heavy list to port.

When we arrived at Rio we prepared for heavy gales;
We set up all our rigging, boys, and bent on all new sails.
From ship to ship they checred us as we did sail along,
And wished us pleasant weather in rounding of Cape Horn.

While beating off Magellan Strait it blew exceeding hard;
Whilst shortening sail two gallant tars fell from the topsail yard.
By angry seas the ropes we threw fiom their poor hands were torn
And we were forced to leave them to the sharks that prowl around
Cape Horn.

When we got round the Horn, my boys, we had some glorious days
And very soon our killick dropped in Valparaiso Bay.
The pretty girls came down to us; I solemnly declare
They are far before the Plynouth girls with their long and curly

They love a jolly sailor when he spends his money free;
They'll laugh and sing and merry, merry be, and have a jovial
And when our money is all gone they won't on you impose,
They are not like the Plynouth girls that'll pawn and sell your

Farewell to Valparaiso, farewell for a while,
Likewise to aII the Spanish girls all on the coast of Chile;
And if ever l live to be paid off l'll sit and sing this song:
"God bless those pretty Spanish girls we left around Cape Horn."
Добавлено: 02.03.2012
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