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Liveloud - Rejoice And Pray - аккорды и текст, видео

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Liveloud - Rejoice And Pray - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rejoice And Pray
Rejoice and Pray (CFC Theme 2016)
Rodolfo Cayamanda Jr.

Intro: C9 - D (4x)

Verse I:
C9                                       D
Let the peace of God that goes far beyond
C9               D
Any man can understand
C9                           D
Be our guiding light for our hearts and minds 
C9               D
In Lord Jesus for all men

Em               D
Never be afraid of anything 
Em                        C - D
Just pray and keep the faith

G            D
Rejoice and pray
Em               C
Give thanks all day
G        D        C
For the Lord is here

G             D
Rejoice and pray
Em               C
Give thanks all day
G                D      C
With our God, we have no fear
                       C9 - D (2x)
The Lord is always here

Verse II:
C9                           D
Let us lift our hearts to our God above
C9                      D
For He listens and He hears
C9                            D
May our gentleness lead us to express 
C9                            D
All the love of God that's here

Em             D
May the Lord reside within our hearts 
Em                 C - D
Let worries step aside

Outro: G - D - C9

*This is the new song for the CFC Theme of the year 2016. Please take note that this is not the 
official chord progression of the song, I tried to play it by ear only :). 
Also I'm not sure about the lyrics on verse 1... if anyone can correct it, kindly message below :)

***Greetings from Singles for Christ Central B Sta. Rosa de Lima Chapter! :D
***Please check-out this YFC/SFC/CFC Song Compilation na ginawa ko :)
Andito karamihan ng Liveloud Songs :)
Добавлено: 11.03.2016
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